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That’s right, after seven years in charter, it was time to wind this one up.  The Usual Suspects was eleven years old, fast approaching its end of life in the charter business.  While the boat was still in great shape, the costs associated with keeping her that way for charter were creeping up.  Charter guests want newer boats, specifically catamarans, making it more difficult to maintain a revenue stream.  So, it was no surprise that this great ride had to come to an end.  In March of 2007, The Usual Suspects made her way out of Blue Lagoon one final time, with a new owner at the helm, destined for skippered charter in Latin America.  All the best to a great vessel!

This is the final update to The Usual Suspects website.  It will remain online until such a time that the information is no longer useful.  The guides were last updated in Description: Description: C:\Data\www\usual-suspects-sailing\images\charuk7.jpg2004, and while things move very slowly in the Caribbean, they will continue to diminish in value.

Many thanks to everybody who sent me e-mails over the years.  Hearing your stories of Caribbean cruising has been a great source of satisfaction.    It always made my day when I heard about another guest who “got it.”  It is still my dream to hook up with all of you again in some gigantic harbor, Rummer in hand, to toast yet another great Caribbean sunset.

For this update, we have the final report in the Charter Boat Ownership series:

  • Charter Boat Ownership: 8th and Final Anniversary Report - this is it, the final wrap-up of seven years of charter boat ownership, with a look at how I sold the boat over the Internet.

§  November 1, 2011 - Limbo Dancing – A trip report from John Dillon and Darcy Simon, featuring a rare experience by John crewing aboard the Limbo Dance in the 2008 Bequia Easter Regatta!


Description: Description: C:\Data\www\usual-suspects-sailing\images\background-20pct-mar01.jpgThe Final Update’s Background Photo features my most favorite shot from The Grenadines - the Mopion Sandbank.




News from Previous Updates is also available.

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