Summer/Fall (July-December) 2006:

For Sale!

That's right, after seven years in charter, it's time to wind this one up.  The Usual Suspects is now eleven years old, fast approaching its end of life in the charter business.  While the boat is still in great shape, the costs associated with keeping her that way for charter are creeping up.  Charter guests want newer boats, making it more difficult to maintain a revenue stream.  So, it is no surprise that this great ride is coming to an end.  Anybody interested in becoming America's Next Prime Suspect can review the details on Barefoot Yacht Charters website.

I plan to continue maintaining The Usual Suspects website, as long as people continue to read it.  The travel guides will become dated unless I am able to update them with reasonable frequency.  Translation: I need to get back there quick!

TTOLer sigmasailor (Eric Claasen) recently returned from a great to trip to St. Lucia and The Grenadines, and has some spectacular photos to prove it.  Well worth a look.

For this update, we have two guest Adventures:

The Summer 2006 update’s Background Photo features The Usual Suspects and others anchored in Clifton Harbor, Union Island, as seen from a rare angle from Fort Hill. (Eric Claasen photo)


Winter/Spring (March-April-May-June) 2006:

I once again did not get the time to produce an update on January 1.  In fact, this update is not really an update in that it does not contain any new articles.  It is surprising how busy one becomes when one takes possession of a home that requires renovations!  It did become necessary to replace the “hurricane flag” cover photo, now that the wrath of the season has long passed.  I also felt it necessary to assure readers that rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated.

I have not been to my boat since February 2004.  A heavy project schedule and some adventure traveling in South America has taken its toll on the three R’s (roti, rummer, and a rest).  I will get back down, but I am not certain as to when that will occur.

I did receive a note from a Roberta Trombini of the Canouan Marine Company who has assured me that much has changed on the island, making the Canouan section of my Destination: The Grenadines guide obsolete.  While I insist on writing from personal experiences, I will make an effort to update the section in the next update with her assistance.  If things have significantly changed for the better, it is only fair to the good people of that island to make it known.

For this update:

  • Painting 101
  • How to Install Hardwood Flooring
  • Fifteen Electrical Improvements You Can Do Yourself



The Winter/Spring 2006 update’s Background Photo features The Usual Suspects on her mooring in Blue Lagoon, sporting her new Barefoot Yacht Charters colors.


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