By Robert Charuk


The Grenadines are located in the southernmost part of the Windward Islands of the Caribbean Sea.  They consist of 32 islands and cays stretching from St. Vincent in the north, to Grenada in the south.  Most islands are only a few miles apart, and each offers something unique.

Unspoiled beaches of white sand line the shores of the anchorages here.  Crystal clear waters and some  of the most impressive coral reefs on earth make this an ideal destination for cruising and snorkeling.

If you look closely, you will discover some of the finer experiences associated with traveling to a Caribbean destination.  Many of these experiences are described here, with the hope that someday you too will share in them.



Click on the map or select from the following list for a description of the many experiences each destination has to offer: 

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Boat Vendors of The Grenadines - Find out about the most famous of these on-the-water entrepreneurs, their quirks, and how best to deal with them.

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