Peace and Quiet

True Blue Bay is a small and quiet bay on the south shore of the island, just around the point from Prickly Bay.  The shoreline is totally undeveloped, with the exception of the True Blue Bay Resort tucked into the lush green hills in the northeast corner.  There is no beach.

The western shore backs onto the campus of St. Georgeís University, where the American students were held captive in 1983 that sparked the U.S. invasion and rescue mission.  During Operation Urgent Fury, this very harbor was crawling with Navy SEALs, as described in the detailed historic accounts found online.

It is not a busy anchorage, so you might have it all to yourself, or share it with only a few neighbors.  There may also be a few unoccupied boats on moorings that belong to the yacht charter company located in the bay.  Itís quiet here.

The water is never very clear, so it is not an ideal place to hang out and swim.  It is secure and very convenient because of the close proximity to the True Blue Bay Resort and their facilities.  You could spend several days here, serving as a base of operations for excursions all over the island.

Getting There

True Blue Bay is the first anchorage that you come upon after Point Salines when arriving from the western (leeward) side of the island.  It is only an hour and a half  from St. Georgeís by motor.  You could sail the first four miles (45 minutes), but once you round Point Salines, the situation changes.  Substantially more wind, current, and waves will force you to motor the last two miles, and that will take you 30 minutes.  It wonít be pleasant.  Sailing would take substantially longer.

It is only a 10 minute motor from Prickly Bay, and a 40 minute motor from Mt. Hartman Bay or Hog Island.

The entrance is narrower than you might think, so head right down the middle.  You can use one of the moorings that belong to the True Blue Bay Resort, provided that you frequent their restaurant and bar.  The anchorage is reasonably well-protected, although you might experience a bit of roll that can be easily overcome with a stern anchor.

True Blue Bay Resort

The True Blue Bay Resort was acquired by Russ and Magdalena Fielden in October 1998.  Russ previously managed The Moorings hotel chain as well as their yacht charter operations in Mt. Hartman Bay, and is well-known throughout the yacht charter community as a result.

This quaint resort offers quiet and comfortable accommodations with a great view of the Bay, for a reasonable price.  A night here is worth considering if you prefer a night off the boat.  There is a choice of waterfront apartments, cottages, and rooms.

The Resort has one of the few decent dinghy docks in the entire Caribbean.  It is completely secure, as the staff will keep an eye on your dinghy while you are ashore.  Ice is available at the bar.  Reuben, a very pleasant Rastafarian, is their resident taxi driver and can take you anywhere on the island, as well as provide an island tour.  A swim in their pool at the end of a long day of touring is always a welcome treat.

The Resort has an extremely charming outdoor restaurant and bar built on stilts over the waterís edge.  Excellent food and impeccable service is their trademark.  The soft lighting and close proximity to the water makes for an absolutely enchanting dining experience.  An evening out at this establishment is highly recommended as a result of our experiences.  From time to time, a local pan band will play during dinner.

New Enterprises

In December 2000, construction of a new scuba-diving center, dockside bar, and yacht charter base was in progress.  James Pascall, former Moorings Base Manager in Mt. Hartman Bay, and his wife Jacqui, were in the process of starting a new Grenada base for Horizon Yacht Charters.

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