Social Hour

Every morning at 8:15, cruisers in the area are treated to what has become one of the highlights of every day - The Cruisers Net.  Started over eight years ago by a number of restless cruisers who wanted to stay in touch with the world, it has become a well-coordinated series of news, weather, public service announcements, and information exchanges - all over VHF Channel 68.

Amateur meteorologist “Barometer Bob” gives his daily weather prediction.  Various people radio in to report wind and wave conditions of the Sea of Abaco, The Whale, and Tilloo Cut - useful information for other cruisers planning passage through these areas.  Patty gives her summary of the news.  Advertising time for some of the local establishments is provided, including the infamous “Johnny at Nippers” and “Junior at Sea Spray.”  Various public service announcements are made, followed by “open mike.”

The first 20 minutes are recorded and made available on the Internet each day at  It has been great to replay those broadcasts upon returning home, providing the opportunity to take you back there.”

The Cruisers Net has become an institution with cruisers in the area.  No day is complete without tuning in, and in a large way, it has become an essential part of the Abaco experience. 

Last Updated: July 1, 2002
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