Known Aliases: Holmer
Occupation: Senior Computer Geek
Age: 40 & still holding (not for long)
Sailing Experience: Racing Lasers for over 25 years, and we still can’t catch him!

His passion for sailing has shone through with his success racing ‘Rattle Ya Dags’ for 20 years, then 5 years ago the owner of ‘Dags” decided to give David the boat since it was abundantly clear that David wasn’t going to buy it!

Then he met Weeeeeenton who asked him to sail with him on his Laser 28…3 years later and two North American Championships, they are still a great drinking team (I mean sailing team).

David, wanting to get lucky, sailed on lots of boats to meet girls.  He also raced J24s, winning his fair share of races on and off the helm.

But his great love is his dog Buca, his Laser called Little Wing, and his wife fits in there somewhere.

Don’t forget the Stratocastor...

...and the new addition to the family, Garrett Alton, on September 26, 2001.

Cruising Experience: St. Martin with his Dad, and most often forgotten, Youngstown.

The Grenadines aboard The Usual Suspects.

Tobago Cays
Favorite Beverage: Something cold with alcohol.
Responsibilities aboard The Usual Suspects: Senior sailing consultant ensuring the sails were unfurled and the skipper tacked the boat at least once!

Making sure the beer was close at hand.

Cruising Goals: To sail the boat somewhere.
Cruising Motto: Pull the sails out


Holmer entertaining the rich and famous
at The Firefly

Hey Gilligan, pass me a Rummer!

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