A Pirate Looks Past Forty

"Mama Mama Cocha
I have heard you call
Wanted to sail upon a Lagoon
since I was three feet tall"

The story you are about to read is true.  Really.  Well, as true as I can make it, given the conditions I am forced to work under.  Of Cats and Boys” is the historically-accurate account of the infamous Dudes Cruise of 2002.  This is the event where four cruising sailors, unknown to each other, joined up in the British Virgin Islands for a boys week on the water and plenty of bullshit.  CNN covered it as a breaking story.

How it came about is somewhat incredible.  About a year ago, I received an e-mail from some guy named Hervé Liegeois who professed to be an avid follower of The Usual Suspects Website.  He was en route to The Grenadines for a holiday and wanted some advice.  He later published a trip report that appeared on his Mama Cocha website.  He went on to purchase a 2002 Lagoon 410 catamaran and placed it in charter with Sunsail in BVI.  Over the past year, we exchanged numerous “owner” type e-mails, and I followed his entertaining antics on the TravelTalkOnline BVI Forum.  It became clear from TTOL that he was certifiable, and that the people who hung out on this forum were a fun bunch.

In mid-August, out of the blue, he invited me down for a week aboard Mama Cocha - boys only.  There was no way I could refuse.  Having never been to the BVI, the opportunity to be escorted through every anchorage by an experienced guide was too good to turn down. 

Hervé lined up a crew consisting of John Daix Leipold, retired Navy Reservist running the Navy internal newspaper system out of DC, and Doctor Ray, a podiatrist from Atlanta.  This is how the joint exercises of the Canadian and USA Olympic Bullshitting Teams were established.  The BS flowed freely on TravelTalkOnline during the weeks leading up to the trip, and during that time, this unlikely group became known as The Dudes.  There was no question we would have more fun than we deserve.

Mama Cocha, I have certainly heard you call…

This historic chronicle of the Dudes Cruise unfolds in four parts:

  • And I’m talkin’ ‘bout The Dudes here . . .

  • If You Don’t Want it Printed, Don’t Do It!

  • The British Virgin Islands – Through a Suspects Eyes

  • New Friends

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Last Updated: November 1, 2002
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